Teak Furniture Restoration

As a leading hardwood specialist, we offer premium treatment services for hardwood furniture, home exteriors, and boats. Serving Roxbury, CT, and the surrounding areas of Faifield, CT, Dutchess, Putnam, and Westchester, NY, we combine expertise and quality products to restore and protect the beauty of your hardwood investments. Trust us for exceptional treatment solutions that will last for your teak, mahogany, ipe, and any hardwood furniture.

Hardwood specialist restored teak outdoor tables and chair at seaside community patio.

Restoring Teak Hardwood Furniture

Bring out the natural beauty and preserve your teak and hardwood furniture.

Our skilled craftsmen bring new life to your cherished pieces, repairing and refinishing them to their former glory. It can be hard to find a specialist who knows how to properly treat and maintain hardwood furniture, but Thomsen Painting has the experience to restore original and new pieces using earth-friendly low-VOC and zero-VOC treatments. New pieces are thoroughly cleaned to eliminate dirt, dust, and debris from the furniture surface. This ensures good adhesion and absorption of the sealer coat when applied, so that your furniture can stand up to moisture and outdoor elements. In treating older furniture, we’ll start by assessing your furniture’s condition, and based on this review, repair damage, sand, and apply treatments to restore and preserve the piece as necessary. From antique heirlooms to modern designs, we deliver exquisite results. We also offer budget-friendly maintenance options and simple cleaning methods to keep your furniture looking new. Trust us for unparalleled expertise for your hardwood furniture restoration.

Hardwood Floors

Transform your floors with our expert hardwood restoration services.

From refinishing to repairs, we restore the beauty of your floors, using top-quality materials and techniques. Before beginning our work, we’ll identify the look and finish you’d like to see for your floors, and identify the products that that will bring you those results. We work with many products including Earth-friendly low-VOC and zero-VOC treatments to bring you the color and finish you want for your residential or commercial space. When work begins, our dustless HEPA sanding process will ensure dust and particles created in prepping the floors will be safely and efficiently collected and removed from the air and surfaces in your space. To give you the finish you want for your space, we’ll use or water-borne or oil-based urethane and stain based on your preference and needs. Floors can be stained to enhance or change the color of the wood, or left unstained to reflect the wood’s natural tones. The final finish to seal and protect the flooring also provides the desired luster to the floor, which is usually satin, semi-gloss, or gloss. Through our process and expertise we will provide you with a floor that looks great and last for years.

Hardwood Boat Restoration

Smooth varnish finishes and clean sharp paint will leave your boat looking like new.

Our team will revitalize and refurbish the wooden elements of your boat from decks to interiors to restore and enhance the beauty of your boat. We use premium materials and precision techniques, to revive the natural luster and durability of your boat’s hardwood features. Experience top-notch craftsmanship for breathtaking boat renovations.

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