Historic Restoration

Pawling, NY and Roxbury, CT are home to many beautiful historic buildings and homes. Our skilled team specializes in craftsmanship that utilizes authentic materials and techniques to restore and revive historical homes and buildings while maintaining their historic integrity. Trust us to breathe new life into your cherished property while honoring its unique architectural heritage.

Painters work on ladders to paint historic building.

Historic Woodwork

Accurate woodwork in historic properties.

As part our historic woodworking services we will fabricate any necessary molding, paneling, and profiles as needed to replace deteriorated and missing pieces. These pieces will be treated using safe techniques and materials for results that accurately match the existing work. Our experience means we can seamlessly blend the new work into the old, so that you won’t be able to tell where the old woodwork ends and the new work begins. We also restore the related fixtures and accessories for any project including lighting fixtures, door and window hardware, decorative metalwork, and carvings. You can be confident that Thomsen Painting will responsibly restore your historically significant spaces and pieces.

Historic Window Shutter Restoration

A thorough process for unparalleled results.

Our shutter restoration process is unmatched and provides the best possible results. In restoring and painting shutters, we begin by taking pictures of every window and shutter and cataloguing and labeling each shutter. With a detailed record of each shutter’s original placement, we move them to storage where we can repair, sand, prime, and paint them safely without risk of damage from the elements. Your fully repaired, painted, and cured shutters are reinstalled to their original location to ensure a perfect restoration of your historic home’s accents.

Window Reglazing

Restore the beauty and functionality of your windows.

We’ll replace damaged or worn-out glass to ensure a tight seal and improved energy efficiency. With attention to detail and quality materials, we restore the clarity and durability, and provide a more energy-efficient seal for your windows while maintaining their historic beauty and character. Trust us for expert window reglazing that enhances your home’s aesthetics, efficiency, and functionality.

Stone and Masonry

Revive the past with our expert stone and masonry restoration services.

Our skilled craftsmen preserve and repair heritage stone structures, preserving existing materials in good condition, replacing degraded or damaged materials with historically accurate materials when necessary, and reviving the original beauty and integrity of the larger piece. From intricate stone carvings to mortar matching, we specialize in bringing history back to life. We provide quality and authenticity in every restoration project we take on, and stand by our work.

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